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Last updated 9-22-17


(ABV: 6.3%, IBU: 65) Named after the old logging term for a two-man crosscut saw, Misery Whip is a traditional American IPA.
(ABV: 7%, IBU 54) A stout for dark beer lovers, this beer is big, bold, and full of roasted deliciousness. Featuring flavor and aroma notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and coffee beans with depth of body developing as the beer warms.
(ABV: 6.1%, IBU: 35) The red hues of this classic amber are topped with a creamy white head of foam. With a healthy malt backbone, this medium-bodied ale showcases subtle sweetness and caramel flavors. Balancing out the malts is a light spiced hop finish.
(ABV: 4.2%, IBU: 19) An ale as fun to drink as its name is to say! Pale blond in color, this very light beer is topped with a pure white head of foam. Only lightly hopped, the fresh basil takes over the aroma yet remains balanced and not over powering in the taste. Honey lends a touch of sweetness, with the finish being dry and crisp

Seasonals and Rotating Beers

(ABV: 5.3%, IBU: 52)
A hazy IPA with pungent aromas of juicy fruit and a mild balanced bitterness that is overshadowed by hop flavor. Hops shine through with notes of orange juice and tropical fruit.
(ABV: 5.5%, IBU: 24)
A light blonde ale base showcases the depth and character of fresh Amarillo hops. Fresh hoppy goodness with notes of sweet tangerine, orange blossom, earthy grass and pine.
(ABV: 6.7%, IBU: 22)
Hibiscus petals give this beer a great eye catching color and a tart, cranberry-like flavor. The spiced citrus notes of the yeast add depth of flavor and compliment the tartness. With a refreshingly dry finish makes this beer a delight.
(ABV: 5.5%, IBU: 50)
A well balanced American Pale Ale with greet you at the glass aromas of tropical fruit, citrus, and papaya. Balanced but lingering bitterness coupled with hop flavors of orange, lime, tropical fruit, and pine.
(ABV: 6.2%, IBU: 57)
A NW Red ale base comes together with the juicy citrus and spice flavors of fresh Centennial hops. Malty, fresh hoppy goodness with a piney, floral fragrance.
(ABV: 5.5%, IBU: 84)
(Cascadian Dark Ale) As black as your favorite skillet, this dark beer pours with a creamy tan head that beckons to be enjoyed. A contrast of flavors embodies this richly colored ale made from a combination of dark malt and Northwest hops. Notes of espresso and hints of smoke are paired with the citrusy pine flavors of the classic Northwest hop varieties.
(ABV: 4.7%, IBU: 22)
Made with Oregon blueberry and ginger root, this saison is a unique beer in a category of its own. Its purple-ish red hues and gingery spiced aroma draw you in and peak curiosities of what magical combination of flavors wait. Light bodied, with a tart dry earthiness and ginger spice on the finish.
(ABV: 4.7%, IBU: 39)
Like a lazy day on the river, Slow Roller delivers the laconic charm of summers gone by. A healthy dose of raspberries lends a fruity tartness that is complimented by a subtle minty finish. This tantalizing fruit beer is all you could ask for on a hot summer day.

Guest Taps

(ABV 5.1%) Full-bodied with strong green apple, rose petal and fresh-cut pine. Tropical fruit forward flavors of orange rind, pineapple, passion fruit and papaya; finished with banana and honey notes.
(ABV 5.5%) Sweet and tart cherries sharpen the Fermented apple’s acidity. Semi Dry.



Monday – Thursday
12:00pm – 10:00pm

Friday – Saturday
12:00pm – 11:00pm

12:00pm – 8:00pm

Our new brewery taproom features expanded seating accommodating 75+ guests, a full food menu, 14 taps featuring our latest brews and 2 guest ciders, plus wine by the glass. Enjoy food and drink in the taproom adjacent to the production area or take your beer home in a growler to go.

The community support we received over the last 3 years has allowed us to expand and grow into our new location. We are excited to share with you this next phase in the journey of Salem Ale Works and to provide more space for the community to come together over top-notch craft beer and food.


Prologue Pastries and Sandwich Library provides a young American take on traditional gastro pub fare. Our menu, as it evolves, is an attempt to reflect the diversity and richness of not only our own background, but the fabric of the country itself. You will find creative and memorable dishes that have an emphasis on freshness, seasonality, local availability, and simple preparations. The menu is diverse, including gluten-free, paleo, and vegan offerings. The beer of Salem Ale Works is incorporated into about 30 percent of the menu, undeniably linking the brewery and culinary experience.

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Salem Ale Works was founded by two college friends and former wildland firefighters; Justin Ego and Jake Bonham. Their shared experiences and love of great craft beer gave rise to the formation of a nano-brewery in 2013; through which they have brought well-crafted and enjoyable beers to the Salem community and beyond.

In June 2017, after several years of incremental growth and amazing support from the Salem community, Salem Ale Works outgrew its location and made the move to a new space, nearly 5 times as large but within sight of the previous building.

At SAW we honor the rich history of Salem, striving to have fun while passionately writing the latest chapter in our capital’s brewing legacy. Our beers are handcrafted in small batches using as many fresh, local ingredients as possible. We brew beer for you, our neighbors and friends; continually working at “Putting the Ale in Salem”.


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